Home Health

A home-base concept of organized, routine medical check-up: comprising of basic primary health and social medical care services

Corporate Health

Tailoring private sectors’ corporate philanthropic projects to public health policies via corporate social responsibility CSR accounts

Social Health

Providing perspective on health and social issues affecting different populations of people for example the rising prevalence of Chronic NCDs

School Health

Promoting healthful teaching & learning, addressing public health issues across different levels of academic institutions                                  –

Environmental Health

Encouraging eco-friendly environmental practices and improving on everyday hygiene and sanitation.                                                       –

Community Health

Prevention and control of common diseases, management of chronic illnesses, behavioural, sexual and reproductive health                          

Welcome to Public Health Partner

Public Health Partner is an indigenous result – oriented limited liability company that helps to design – develop, implement, monitor, evaluate and disseminate dynamic evidence – based solutions geared towards the preservation of public health. Protecting against diseases and disabilities, preventing sicknesses and injuries, promoting population health and well being; through formation of effective partnerships with individuals or communities, private or public sectors, governmental or non governmental organizations. We are a newly birthed company with a sole objective to facilitate the ‘creation and maintenance’ of population health. Our services offer greater flexibility to seeking ‘healthful’ methods of improving health than any mainstream bio – clinical care option.

Sensitive to new and emerging public health challenges, our leadership recognizes the need to build upon a foundation of culture – based orientations; to link a people’s beliefs and behaviors with their health practices in ways that will directly improve their personal / population health outcome. Underpinned by a pioneering perception of health as a social construct, Public Health Partner provides public health services that can advance efficiencies for better performance and strengthen capacities for greater impact.  Ensuring consistently, more ‘healthful’ family units and consequently, healthier societies. Public Health Partner can enhance and support the socio – economic growth of communities.